Tips from Dog Food Advisor: natural nutrition

Today, most dog owners and breeders prefer dry food for industrial production. There are several reasons from Dog Food Advisor for this: Ease of feeding. A balanced diet is manufacturers guarantee for pets.

iPower Dog Food Advisor: What type of feed is best for a petsNaturally, these requirements are met in the production of premium fodder and holistic feed, the reputation of which is constantly confirmed by modern innovations and the latest developments.

In addition, there are situations when dry pet food cannot be dispensed with: food allergies, diseases of internal organs. Then diet meat comes to the rescue, with the help of which you can avoid skin rashes in the animal or put the disease in a state of remission.

Dogs that are overweight or impaired in metabolism also need diet food. Otherwise, it is impossible to reduce the calorie content of the diet, while preserving the nutrients.

best distributors of the Fromm dog food brandPregnant females and cubs during the growth period is very important balanced diet. Almost every dry food line contains diets that satisfy the needs of these two groups of dogs. The website perfectly describes the best distributors of the Fromm dog food brand.

If you are the owner of an exhibition animal, you also can’t do without dry food, because most exhibition organizers award winners with this type of gift. Will you need to put bags of food won somewhere? It is difficult to grow a real show dog or cat on natural dog feed: a large amount of food, which is different natural, leads to an increase in the volume of the stomach and, accordingly, sagging abdomen. This spoils the exterior of the animal, which means it reduces its chances of winning.

In addition, special additives that are part of dry food improve the appearance of the pet’s coat, add brightness to the color and eliminate dandruff and brittle hair. A bag of dry food is very convenient to take with you to the exhibition.


What kind of natural nutrition is better in the opinion of the Dog Food Advisor?

Natural food is so called because it consists of familiar, familiar products, the benefit of which we have no doubt. Owners who prefer natural products are ready to feed their pet with fresh meat, homemade cottage cheese and vegetables without nitrates and herbicides. Such a diet by Dog Food Advisor is certainly very useful. But supporters of natural nutrition forget that the dog is not a person: his requests and wishes are different.

First of all, most dogs such as a German shepherd or Pitbull terrier do not need a variety of diets. Their digestion features are such that the more uniform and habitual the consumed food will be the easier and more fully it will be absorbed by the digestive tract. Therefore, for an animal, a certain set of vitamins and minerals supplied with food is more important.

Some chewy dog food brands use natural ingredientsThe human body, lacking in any nutritional component, signals this with increased appetite, manifested in relation to products containing the missing ingredient. Some chewy dog food brands use natural ingredients in dry adult foods:

Unfortunately, neither the dog will tell us what pet wants to eat. The owner’s task is to create the most balanced diet which satisfies the dogs needs for basic nutrients. To do this at home is very difficult, because it is impossible to accurately calculate the dose of proteins, fats and carbohydrates necessary for a full life of a pet, especially to know the chemical composition of products. Therefore, most owners try “by eye” to determine what the animal needs and how to satisfy its needs.

Fans of natural foods should also know that due to their specific metabolism, dogs react extremely sensitively to various fertilizers, additives, and gene modifiers. To maintain the health of the pet, food must be truly natural. Ideally, grown and produced by hand. Then the benefits of them will be really obvious. If you are unable to determine the quality of the components of the diet, it is better to transfer your pet to dry food for dogs.

  1. If you still decide to give preference to natural food for a small or large dog, try to fulfill the following requirements:
  2. Food products should be of high quality and grown only with the use of natural fertilizers and top dressing.
  3. Every day, the animal should receive an additional vitamin complex that meets its needs for vital trace elements.
  4. Feeding the dog should be fractional, divided into 3-4 meals.
  5. Food temperature should be between 25-35 ° C.
  6. Financial capabilities and time should allow you to make a balanced diet in accordance with all the rules of dietetics, even for large breeds.


  • When feeding with natural food, the following products should not be given:
  • Leftovers from the human table.
  • Salty, spicy, fried foods.
  • Any bones, they can injure the walls of the stomach or lead to obstruction of the intestines of a young and old dog.

How and what is better to feed a dog: types and characteristics of nutrition

How to find the best dog food for your petThus, the daily serving size for a large breed dog is protein. In this article you can choose the best dog food. Milk ingredients (kefir, cottage cheese, natural yogurt, milk for puppies) and eggs are given 2-3 times a week. Cereals should not replace other foods. Firstly, they practically have no benefit, but provide the necessary energy, and secondly, they can cause allergies. Carrots, apples, cabbage, beets are boiled together with porridge or given raw.